WBS Summer 2017

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Join us for…

  • Books of the Bible
  • Summer Reading (Scroll down for info)
  • Movie Night (The Shack)
  • Painting with a Purpose Event


Books of the Bible

7-8:30 pm, Select Mondays
The Path, Gateway
(Entrance 5)
Childcare by reservation HERE!
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Bring your Bible, pen, paper, and a friend!

Last summer, we began the series Books of the Bible in an earnest and joyful attempt to know the Bible better. As Christians, it just makes sense! If we want to be close to God through Christ, we need to be clear about who He is and what He says. And then there’s that extra something…the power of God’s Word that goes beyond knowledge. It changes us.

While these brief sessions can’t begin to do justice to a book, they can be an “appetizer,” increasing our hunger so that we devour His Word constantly – with the goal of drawing closer to Him every day.

We hope you’ll join us for as many sessions as you can, and bring friends!

How to Study the Bible

Monday, June 5
Do you ever feel bogged down, unmotivated, under-disciplined or confused about the Bible? Do you wish you understood more, memorized more, or could discuss it with confidence? Come for practical and scholarly help, tips, and truths, and be freed to study the Bible with your heart and your mind!


Monday, June 26
Where exactly is Philemon? This short letter takes up a couple of pages between Titus and Hebrews, and doesn’t get a lot of attention. It’s a story of a man and his former slave, and what Paul has to say about it from prison. As usual, Paul is a radical – shocking in his day and relevant in ours.

Those who have been in Colossians this spring can use the same N.T. Wright commentary to study (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: Colossians and Philemon, by N.T. Wright). 


Monday, July 17
“Meaningless! Meaningless!...Everything is meaningless!” (Ecclesiastes 1:2) Poor King Solomon sounds very depressed. Can we relate? Emptiness, despair and hopelessness were as much a part of the human condition 3,000 years ago as it can be today. Looking back on his life, Solomon sees how things could have been better for him, and he shares his insight in an attempt to spare future generations from a meaningless existence.

1 Corinthians

Monday, August 7
We heart 1 Corinthians, home of the “love chapter” (1 Cor. 13). Paul hearts the Corinthian church, established on his 2nd missionary journey. But these believers are struggling. They are new to faith – not even familiar with the Jewish faith, since they are mostly Gentiles. And they live in a busy, corrupt city. Paul writes to teach Christians how to live for Christ in a confused world. Which just might be useful for us, too.

Movie Night- The Shack

July 6th @ 6pm
Gateway Auditorium (Entrance 2)
Concessions available for purchase
Childcare available with PAID reservation HERE!

Painting with a Purpose

July 27th 7-9pm
Painting with a Twist Clear Lake
16927 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058
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Summer Reading List

Soak up some Jesus while you soak up the rays!

Fill your days with God’s best: whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy – think about these things (Philippians 4:8), and you’ll find your spirit is stronger and more joyful! Why not gather some girls and start a book club, or phone a friend to discuss your favorites? Make it a summer to remember because of the joy and growth you’ve received!



The Undoing of Saint Silvanus, by Beth Moore

Exciting fiction premiere from beloved New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore.
When Jillian Slater learns that her father has finally drunk himself to death, she reluctantly agrees to return to New Orleans. But is she crazy to get involved with her family again? Could the colorful collection of saints and sinners in her grandmother's apartment building actually be affected by a curse?

Though it’s a fast-paced story, it also contains moments of introspection that are among its strongest scenes. Moore’s vivid descriptions of New Orleans, Saint Silvanus and the characters add a lively sense of place. The gripping mystery will keep readers engaged till the end, where Jillian finds both answers and a new relationship with God. 


The Broken Way, by Ann Voskamp

New York Times Best Seller

"I read The Broken Way with tears streaming down my face, my Spirit crying out YES, YES, YES, YES! Few authors have impacted my own life like Ann Voskamp. If we can live out the truth contained within The Broken Way, I believe we will reach & impact our generation like never before. So powerful. So prophetic. So profound. Please read this book."          
                                                                                                    - Christine Caine

New York Times best-selling author of One Thousand Gifts Ann Voskamp sits at the edge of her own unspoken brokenness and asks: What if you really want to live abundantly before it's too late? What do you do if you really want to know abundant wholeness? This is the one begging question that’s behind every single aspect of our lives - and one that The Broken Way rises up to explore in the most unexpected ways.  


The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom

A True Story

Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker who became a heroine of the Resistance, a survivor of Hitler's concentration camps, and one of the most remarkable evangelists of the twentieth century. In World War II she and her family risked their lives to help Jews and underground workers escape from the Nazis, and for their work they were tested in the infamous Nazi death camps. Only Corrie among her family survived to tell the story of how faith ultimately triumphs over evil.

"Ten Boom's classic is even more relevant to the present hour than at the time of its writing. We . . . need to be inspired afresh by the courage manifested by her family."            

-Jack W. Hayford, president, International Foursquare Church; chancellor, The King's College and Seminary


Grace, Not Perfection, by Emily Ley

Creator of the bestselling Simplified Planner®

As a busy wife, new mother, business owner, and designer, Emily Ley came to a point when she suddenly realized she couldn’t do it all. She needed to simplify her life, organize her days, and prioritize the priorities. She decided to hold herself to a standard of grace rather than perfection. This mantra led to the creation of her bestselling Simplified Planner®, a favorite among busy women everywhere—from mamas to executives and everywhere in between. 

Grace, Not Perfection takes this message from a daily planner to an inspirational book that encourages women to simplify and prioritize. Designed with Emily Ley’s signature aesthetic, this book gives women tangible ways to simplify their lives to give space to what matters most. With a focus on faith, Emily reminds readers that God abundantly pours out grace on us—and that surely we can extend grace to ourselves.


Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin

How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

We all know it's important to study God's Word. But sometimes it's hard to know where to start. What's more, a lack of time, emotionally driven approaches, and past frustrations can erode our resolve to keep growing in our knowledge of Scripture. How can we, as Christian women, keep our focus and sustain our passion when reading the Bible?

Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, this book will equip you to engage God's Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart.



Nothing to Prove, by Jennie Allen

Gateway Ladies Night Out Speaker, March 2016

No More Pretending. No More Performing. No More Fighting to Prove Yourself.
Are you often afraid that you're not good enough, smart enough, or spiritual enough to do the things you think you should? In Nothing to Prove author Jennie Allen says stop striving and simply enjoy God! In this encouraging book she reminds you that even when you don't measure up, God does – so you can cease struggling and rest in his completeness.

In Nothing to Prove Jennie Allen calls us to…

  • Find freedom from self-induced pressure by admitting we’re not enough—but Jesus is. 
  • Admit our greatest needs and watch them be filled by the only One who can meet them. 
  • Make it our goal to know and love Jesus, then watch what He does in and through us.


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