Marriage Mentoring

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Karen and I struggled deeply in our own marriage during years 6-8. We share our experience with couples and share with them that if we would have reached out for help, our journey through the struggles could have been much shorter . That's why we offer support and encouragement to the marriages in our church and community.

Through Marriage Mentoring*,  we strive to help couples create loving, lasting marriages. Marriage mentoring is for couples who are looking forward to their wedding day (pre-martial mentoring), couples who have drifted apart, or for couples who are simply struggling in their everyday married life.

Karen and I often wonder how different our marriage journey might have been if marriage mentoring was around during our years of struggles. We value marriages at Gateway. We also know that to have a successful, thriving marriage, you may need some help or encouragement from time-to-time. Marriage Mentoring is designed to connect couples and build better marriages.

Read more details about Marriage Mentoring or Request Marriage Mentoring.

*Marriage mentoring is not appropriate in cases of abuse, addiction or mental health issues. If you realize that your marriage is in need of professional marriage counseling, please contact Pastor Robert Sherrill  or Pastor Tom Louis  for referrals. You may also wish to read more about Celebrate Recovery which meets Monday nights at Gateway.

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