Gateway Relief Efforts

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Gateway Relief Effort update - Friday, September 22nd


Gateway is holding another big volunteer day this Saturday, Sept. 23rd, and we really need your help! We could have used more volunteers than we had last Saturday. As many things are starting to return to near normal, its easy to overlook the needs still out there of our church family members and neighbors. The mucking out of houses has diminished (though there is still some going on), but homeowners still need help moving things.

You can click HERE to volunteer for tomorrows Saturday workday. If you can lead a team or have tools to help with this, please make note of that on the form. You will need closed-toe shoes and gloves at the very least. Bringing a box cutter, crowbar and safety goggles is also a huge help. Volunteers will meet Saturday morning at 8:00 am in the coffee shop (Entrance 1).  


Please note: due to the risks associated with mold, Individuals with compromised immune systems, chronic lung disease, allergies or other health concerns should not volunteer to “muck out” homes.  Please consider other volunteer opportunities, such as picking up/delivering donations, writing cards, making phone calls, or praying for those who were affected by the hurricane.  We are also open to your creative volunteering ideas!

If you have a team (we recommend teams of 4 or more) that would like to volunteer during this week prior to Saturday, please text Eva Go at 832-788-9401 to get an assigned home. Otherwise, we are focusing our efforts for both sending out teams and receiving supplies for this Saturday.


Contributions are increasingly important as we move beyond the clean-up stage. Your regular giving underwrites all our overhead costs so that 100% of gifts given to disaster relief go to help our friends and neighbors. You can give online HERE right now or through your checks on Sunday. Unmarked checks will enable ongoing ministry while checks marked "Harvey" will help with disaster relief. 


Continue to keep an eye on our Facebook page (typically, the most current source) and WEBSITE for the latest updates. 


God bless you for all you are doing all across the area. Keep praying, and keep being the hands and feet of Christ! 



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